Sisel Weight Loss Coffee – Thermogenic Fat Burning

Light the Fire!

How would you like to have your coffee burn calories for you naturally?

Well, it can! Sisel Kaffe takes it’s well-known black coffee beans (Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee) and adds four healthy supplements, plus a blend of four key weight loss ingredients plus seven thermogenic fat burners to create the most unique and astounding weight loss product ever, known as Sisel Kaffe Fat-Burning Thermogenic Weight Loss Support Coffee.

sisel weight loss coffeeCornerstone Weight Loss Ingredients:

The coffee is composed of the following four essential ingredients to form a unique synergistic core that supports weight loss by assisting in the process of carbohydrate blocking and suppression of appetite.

  • Garcinia Cambogia extracts: works by curbing your appetite naturally, while helping with the suppression of fat and increase in energy; the boost in energy will create a desire to exercise more, also helping with natural metabolism
  • Green Coffee Bean extract (Chlorogenic Acid): stimulates fat release and the body’s fat-burning metabolic processes
  • Raspberry Ketone extract: helps the body break down fats, speeds up metabolism, supports the use of glucose by the body, helps neutralize fat build up and burns fat, while creating energy
  • Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet extracts: increases metabolic breakdown of fat and increases thermogenic fat-burning processes

Thermogenic Fat-Burning Support:

These ingredients are composed of chemicals that assist the fat-burning process in the body, which is what is needed to lose weight:

  • Pterostilbene Caffeine: This is a complex molecule that releases up to 8 hours of noticeable, sustainable energy without a dramatic energy and biological crash.
  • Sinetrol Mediterranean Diet Extracts: supports the natural thermogenic fat burning processes within the body. Studies suggest up to 5-6 pounds of steady weight loss can occur per month with some caloric reduction.
  • Evodiamine: Good for supporting increased thermogenic fat-burning and helps fat uptake in cells.
  • Green Tea EGCG’s extract: helps your body burn calories naturally by speeding up metabolism as your body burns fat; Research also shows a high correlation between drinking green tea and keeping weight off
  • Chromium Picolinate: Valuable to diabetics; helps conditions insulin receptors which help you burn up fat; creates energy and promotes fat loss.
  • Yerba Mate extract: promotes an increase in overall energy and cardiovascular health and energy
  • Guarana: combines with Sinetrol to speed up the fat-burning processes of the Mediterranean diet; increases metabolism, and synergistically interacts with the other chemistry to create an overall healthy feeling.

sisel kaffeA Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The blending of these amazing weight loss support elements with the thermogenic components plus the world’s best coffee, create a coffee that is both great-tasting and promotes carbohydrate-blocking and appetite suppression, a feat that is unsurpassed in the history of coffee.

Coffee can actually assists your cells to burn fat and create energy! So, despite the claims by some that coffee and caffeine are bad for you, now you have good reason to drink it! You can drink coffee while you lose weight.

How Did We Do This?
(The Science behind the Coffee Beans)

Sisel Kaffe starts with the highest quality of coffee beans: Premium Panama Boquet Gesha Coffee Bean, which is ranked by the World’s Coffee Specialists’ Associations as the best tasting coffee in the world, grown on the slopes of the ancient Panamanian volcanoes. There, nature combines the miraculous ingredients that create this wonder coffee: the sweet soil the coffee tree is grown in, the abundant water it receives, and its exposure to sunlight. The bean then responds chemically by increasing flavonoids to protect itself from these elements and conditions, resulting in exorbitant levels of flavor.

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