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Eliminate Wrinkles With Transfusium

 In June 2014, Tom Mower announced that he was introducing a new, revolutionary skincare product that would change skincare forever!

My good friend, Dr. Curt, received one of the first bottles of Transfusium

One of the best Sisel Products…

He was so excited about this he sent ME one of the first ones. This was not even available to the public yet.

When I received it I held it in nervous anticipation… how exciting is it to be the first to try something that is supposed to be so good?

Will it work?

Would I love it?

I have tried EVERYTHING with regard to skincare and anti-aging.

Who wants wrinkles?

In all my research most skincare is LOADED with chemicals and toxins and they really aren’t that effective.

*cringes in horror*

When Dr. Curt showed me his pictures I was DYING to try this. He is a hunting/fishing, wash your face with soap kind of guy. So for him to be so excited about this I couldn’t wait to try it.

Take a look at his before and after pics with Sisel Transfusium in just TWO WEEKS!

sisel transfusium

Like I mentioned, this is a guy that isn’t a “skincare guy”, but hey, if it makes you look younger, who isn’t going to be excited about results like that, right?!

With Transfusium, you can achieve skin that looks five to ten years younger in only a matter of weeks without exposing your skin to harsh and toxic chemicals. It is gentle on your skin, yet delivers powerful and visible results.

Sisel International’s best product is one of a kind in the world of anti-aging because…

…it contains 24 highly active ingredients
…has multifaceted and comprehensive effect on all aspects of your skin
…contains Equol and Telomere support
…contains 3 plumpers that help the skin look more full and luxurious

Most of today’s skincare is loaded with carcinogens including parabens. Parabens are used extensively as preservatives in moisturizer, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shave gel, and facial cleanser. A 2002 study reported in the Natural Medicine Journal found that parabens can act like estrogen at the strength necessary to cause breast cancer cells to grow.


The average female uses 12 personal care products a day, sometimes TWICE a day…I know I do! The exposure to chemicals over a lifetime can be extensive.

Why not use something that WORKS and contains NONE of these ingredients?

I will investigate all of the ingredients in this product in future posts.

Here is how Transfusium works…

One of the ingredients is Pueraria Mirifica extract.

It apparently has a telomerase activation function, which is nice because we already know about telomeres and telomerase from the 2009 Nobel Prize being awarded to a group of scientists for ANTI-AGING!

sisel transfusium ingredients

On top of that, there is documented neural protection function and bone protection function.


A skin care product with an ingredient that can protect your nerves and bone? Who would ever think of doing something as crazy as that?


Sisel’s own chief scientist and think tank man, Tom Mower.

But, check this out as well, Pueraria Mirifica also gives dramatic protection against cancer through its activation of CYP1A by assisting in effective detoxification of the body.

Thats one ingredient of the 24!

I will continue to update you on each ingredient in future posts so that you know why you want to use TRANSFUSIUM everyday.

As always, I need to point out that none of this information is from the FDA, therefore, it is just information from research, and we cannot ever say cure/treat any type of condition or disease.

Ok awesome… we got that out of the way and now we’re on the same page… I think it’s time that you give this a try for yourself.

Everyone wants to look younger.

Do you really want it to be at a price to your health?

Many ingredients in typical products contain known carcinogens, so you can look younger, but at what cost to your health?

This is why Transfusium is so exciting to me, and why I am sure it’s exciting for you too!

It is highly effective with super safe ingredients.

It’s time you experience your very OWN 30 day transformation by ordering Sisel’s Transfusium for yourself

Can’t wait to hear about your exciting transformations.

Wanna find out more about all the products that Sisel has to offer?


To a younger, healthier you,

Sisel Online

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