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SiseLEAN’s high-end protein fuels lean muscle growth so you can look Fit and Fabulous! Utilizing Micellar casein (bonded with calcium ions) and whey protein concentrates. The term “Micellar” means that the ingredients are natural, highly purified, and super filtered at low temperatures to save and concentrate the effective properties within them. Our protein contains an exquisite array of highly potent natural peptides and polypeptides offering spectacular, unparalleled support for fat burning, lean tissue building, and appetite control.

The Problem with Some Other Soy or Whey Proteins

The soy or whey protein used in many meal replacement shakes are superheated during their normal processing. The high temperatures break down what may be the essential and vital components of the ingredients into a disarray of degraded, fragmented proteins (similar to the way that cooking vegetables destroys many of the raw food’s vitamins and nutrients). These denatured, degraded proteins may very likely be devoid of biologically active properties. Their crude proteins can be used by the body, but the dynamics they possessed are very likely gone.

Beyond the Protein

In addition to our Micellar protein, which fuels lean muscle growth, SiseLEAN also contains fiber, which makes you feel full and prevents you from flipping into binge mode. It also features numerous vitamins to energize your motor to sustain your focus and discipline.

Pick a SiseLEAN Weight Management Plan

For rapid weight loss support, replace two meals a day with SiseLEAN’s very low calorie, supercharged formulation to support fat burning, energetics, and lean tissue enhancement. For maintenance-level support, replace one meal per day. To lose weight at an average rate, a man typically needs a caloric intake of 1,500 per day; a woman about 1,200 per day. Consuming less than 1,000 calories per day could possibly accelerate results significantly. Only 76 calories per shake.

Get The Best Results With SiseLEAN Weight Management Shake

Mix SiseLEAN in the SiseLEAN shaker, then let sit for about 10-15 minutes, shaking it a few times during this period. The shake will thicken and gel so it will bulk up more in your system, making you feel full more quickly and for longer. This happens because of what we call the Micellar structure of the caseinates. They are bonded by calcium and as they hydrate they unfold like an umbrella. This feeling of fullness will help reduce cravings. Add SiseLEAN weight management shake to any diet or use as a healthy protein shake for building lean muscle mass.  Jeff Primm, 2 time Mr. Universe does!

Hear from the SiseLEAN formulator himself by listening to this exclusive interview with Dani Walker & Dr. Richard Powell SiseLEAN Meal Replacement Shake

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