Some Amazing Fucoydon Health Benefits

Although it’s only a recent discovery, fucoidan has already taken the world by storm. Countless people have experienced its benefits and the medical community worldwide has put out study after study, testifying to its anti-cancer abilities.

Fucoidan also enhances the immune system, destroying cancer cells and preventing the formation of blood vessels from the tumor. Before we talk more specifically about Fucoydon health benefits, here’s a bit of science and history, to begin with . . .

  • Limu Moui is a power-packed sea vegetable that has been eaten for thousands of years in Tonga, Japan, and other coastal areas.
  • Because the nutritional value is so great, these remarkable plants were used to regenerate and increase health and well-being.  In many cases, science is supporting some of the traditional uses of limu moui.
  • Research shows that limu moui contains significant concentrations of the active component, fucoidan. Fucoidan is a complex polysaccharide (sugar) and is the subject of over 900 scientific studies listed in the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database.

These and other studies reveal the amazing regenerative properties of fucoidan that affect nearly every system of the body. Fucoidan research is capturing worldwide attention. Articles on fucoidan’s miraculous benefits are appearing in many authoritative medical journals.  If you click, and enter “Fucoidan”, you will find numerous studies demonstrating the powerful health benefits of this natural supplement.


Watch this ABC Report About Fucoidan

Research shows that fucoidan’s therapeutic properties include immune system enhancement, relief of digestive/intestinal disorders, allergy control, improvement of liver functions, powerful anti-oxidant action, cholesterol and blood pressure regulation, blood sugar stabilization and the promotion of healthy skin and hair.

Most Impressive of the Benefits are it’s Reported Effects on Cancer.

It is the fucoidan content in brown seaweed that has been proven to cause certain types of rapidly growing cancer cells to self-destruct, according to the Biomedical Research Laboratories of Takara Shuzo and the Research Institute for Glycotechnology Advancement.

This phenomenon of cancer cell “self-destruction” is known as apoptosis, which is caused by a mechanism that is programmed into the nature of the cells themselves. When the apoptosis mechanism is triggered within a cell, the cell’s DNA or genetic blueprint is rendered useless, and therefore destroyed.

So This Sounds Like Something I Want To Take, What Is The Best Option?

There are several things you should consider when looking for a fucoidan supplement:

  1. The source.  In today’s toxic and radiated environment you want to be sure the source is radiation free.
  2. The processing.  How is the fucoidan extracted?  Does it contain all 3 types – U, F & G?  Is it bio-available & sulphated?
  3. The concentration.  For any supplement to be effective it must be formulated in a therapeutic dose.
  4. The cost.  Some supplements sourced from Japan (which raised concern due to radiation) cost were: capsules at $300 a month and the liquid at $800…for one person!

Sisel FuCoyDon Checks All These Boxes


Sisel FuCoyDon Contains U, F & G Fucoidan

SISEL has registered around 20 patent pending processes some of which enzymatically cut the repeating fucoidan polysaccharide into smaller, individual molecules, maintaining the highly effective F, U and G individual molecules.   Simultaneously adding sulfate groups to the molecule makes the fucoidan more bio-available & responsive within the body.

This patent pending process allows SISEL to concentrate their FuCoyDon supplement without containing toxicity.  Just 1/2 to 1 ounce a day is enough to provide all these amazing health benefits at special pricing for preferred customers.

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To A Healthier You,

Sisel Online

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