Some A.G.E. Pill Testimonials from Users

If you’ve already read our page on the science behind the A.G.E. Pill, then you may have come here looking for real testimonials from people who have been taking it. The A.G.E. Pill was only made available in the U.S.A. in July 2017 and in other countries by August, but the testimonials are flooding in. […]

A.G.E. Pill Ingredients and What They Do For You

Aging is an accumulation of things that happen at a cellular level as we live longer.  The aging process is not a disease – it is simply the decay and degeneration of our cells, resulting in reduced functionality. This process beings at age 23 in women and 25 in men. We lose about 8-10{98b95a1d4b6ad468e2c89ee9292283bc25039a55d7f0ecd9e9cd078427fe7907} of […]

The Science Behind the A.G.E. Pill

The A.G.E. Pill is about the closest thing to the fountain of youth that modern science has been able to produce so far. If you’re into anti-ageing and would like to have your metabolic markers return to where they were in your 20’s then what you’re about to read is for you. Glycation and Ageing […]

Sisel SpectraMaxx Liquid Trace Mineral Megatonic

Sisel SpectraMaxx contains 40 highly concentrated, intensely powerful antioxidants that create this broad spectrum antioxidant supplement.  Using Chelated fulvates  – ionic liquid minerals, which when combined or chelated with fulvates increases absorption and utilization. Fulvic acid becomes fulvates in this process and is loaded with Photonic energy from the sun. With hundreds of new man-made […]

Sisel Eternity the Best Resveratrol Supplement

After more than 20 years of scientific study, scientists formulated the best trans resveratrol supplement – and they aptly named it “Sisel Eternity”. They used liquid trans resveratrol with catechins, quercetin & additional polyphenols to get amazing results in over 3600 published studies on If you are familiar with resveratrol, not all forms are equal! Sisel […]

Some Amazing Fucoydon Health Benefits

Although it’s only a recent discovery, fucoidan has already taken the world by storm. Countless people have experienced its benefits and the medical community worldwide has put out study after study, testifying to its anti-cancer abilities. Fucoidan also enhances the immune system, destroying cancer cells and preventing the formation of blood vessels from the tumor. […]